Follow-up Café, 28 august 2014

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Dear coffee lovers,

We thank all those who actively participated at the discussions of the last edition of Mediators’ Café.

In August we enjoyed the presence of a mix of professionals interested in mediation and in the topic “Mediation as a business”.

Together with those present, we tried to identify whether legislative changes occured in April 2014 have affected the activity of mediators and if is necessary to rethink the strategy of approaching potential customers. Colleagues who have acquired a broader practical experience shared their knowledge and described the steps they went through, the problems encountered and the solutions adopted to overcome those.

We discussed about: the need for a business plan, typologies of potential clients, choosing collaborators/associates, the cost of having an office, as well as about the differences between mediation and co-mediation.

As always, the need to approach other issues that are of interest for mediators was obvious. One of these issues will be discussed during September’s Café : “Mediation agreement from the magistrates’ perspective”.

You are welcome to join us again in the following editions!

Mediators’ Café project team

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