Follow up Mediators Café, July 28 2014

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Dear Coffee lovers,

For those who could not attend the event in July 28, 2014 here is a summary of the discussions.

First, we welcome the desire of the professionals in the legal environment to interact with mediators in this manner. We do not refer exclusively to Mrs. Lili Craciun, notary, the special guest this month, but also to the lawyers who honored us with their presence and their active participation in the discussions. The topic of July’s meeting at the Café – the Collaboration between mediators and notaries – was constructively and interactively debated by involving all people present. Together we tried to clarify practical issues such as documentation prepared by the notary after the conclusion of a mediation agreement in specific situations such as separation of assets and payment of debts between companies. We send our appreciation to Mrs. notary Craciun for her willingness to provide us supporting documents in establishing partnerships between mediators and her colleagues. (you may find the file on the forum –

We thank Mr. Zeno Șuștac, member of the Mediation Council, for confirming the existence of discussions on intraprofessional partnership between mediators and notaries at an institutional level. In addition, he has approached other topics of interest and gave us some examples of errors made by mediators which imposed disciplinary sanctions. Out of these, the most common seems to be incompatibility between this two professions-lawyer and mediator, when we refer to the same client. Mr Șuștac also made remarks about the new legislative changes which the Council will submit to the legislative body.

Those present also heard about the theme we prepared for August, when we shall think of mediation as a commercial activity. Starting from the real potential of the mediation market, we desire to find solutions together in order to reduce costs, without affecting the quality of the provided services. The colleagues who are looking for collaborators/ partners / workspaces are invited to participate. Those already working in associated or partner offices are welcome to share their experience.

We warmly welcome you every time!

Mediators Café project team

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