Follow up Mediators Café, May 30, 2014

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Dear coffee lovers,

We thank the participants of the meeting held on May 30, who, along with Mrs. Anca Ciucă and Mr. Zeno Șuștac, talked about various themes that are found in the main topic of discussion we have proposed – “Strategies for mediation after losing the coerciveness of the information session”.

We talked about legislative changes and we understood that the Mediation Council discusses possible options, including those put forward by mediators. After the appearance of the Constitutional Court’s decision, the new proposals will be finalized and issued in the public space.

Even so, we were glad to hear that some of us are focused on promoting the profession. We thank the Mediation Council representatives for having shared, last night, details about the projects they develop and we invite them to talk about it, in the online environment.

We encourage those who were present to come up with additional information on the Café’s forum on Facebook.

We are looking forward to meeting you at future gatherings!

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